Airplanes Essay

7 July 2016

Before the twentieth century, most people would have said that traveling by air was an outlandish and impossible idea. But this impossible idea has become a reality, thanks to the invention of the airplane. This was a remarkable achievement in the field of science and technology that allowed our world to intermix culturally and improve our efficiency. With these benefits, however, comes drawbacks such as the numerous hazards of riding an airplane. One major benefit that the invention of the airplane resulted in is improved efficiency.

The creation of airplanes has given people the ability to judge the amount of time it takes to travel from one place to another. This has raised the efficiency in time scheduling and planning for many people. For example, visiting places around the world became a much easier and efficient task, thanks to airplanes. The exhausting and time consuming journeys that took days or even months can now be completed in just a few hours. Additionally, many of the products and services we take for granted in our daily lives would be impossible without airplanes and air travel in general.

Airplanes Essay Essay Example

This invention also allows people to get to world wide destinations at fairly affordable prices. This improvement in travel has allowed people to visit their far off relatives, visit places they always dreamed of exploring, fly comfortably for business meetings, and much more. Due to this ease of transportation, airplanes have also allowed for cultural exchange. Of course, you may think that the internet and other electronic devices are cheaper and faster ways of spreading new ideas. But there is one vital thing that airplanes are capable of doing that these other technologies cannot—the transportation of people.

Sure, numerous people can share their thoughts online but the impact is not the same as sharing them in person. The transportation of people has allowed different parts of the world to become more racially diversified. We learn from those whose experiences, beliefs, and perspectives are different from our own, and these lessons are taught best in a richly diverse intellectual and social environment. Cultural exchange also promotes personal growth and a healthy society. Diversity helps prevent stereotyped misconceptions, encourages

critical thinking, and helps people learn to communicate effectively with people of different backgrounds. With airplanes, all these benefits are given to us through the spread of people and ideas. Despite all these benefits, there are also drawbacks such as the dangers of riding airplanes. An example would be that airplanes are incredibly vulnerable to terrorist attacks, as they have virtually no defences and carry large amounts of people. Additionally, the plausibility of airplane crashes and accidents is very high, as there are numerous factors that can cause them.

A few examples would be bad weather conditions, pilot health problems, or errors in the airplane mechanics. But almost every danger of airplanes is accounted for through safety measures such as gas masks, emergency escape methods, and more. Due to these thorough safety precautions, it is said by some that flying is the safest mode of transportation. In fact, the death rates of automobile crashes is much higher than that of airplane crashes. Therefore, the advantages of airplanes overweighs the disadvantages.

In the past, air travel was just a far off dream and those that chased after it were scoffed at by others. Today, airplanes have developed and become a vital aspect of our modern society, economy, and daily lives. This invention has allowed the world to become more efficient and culturally diverse. As for the drawbacks, the advantages of having airplanes in our society seem to outweigh the disadvantages. Overall, the airplane has become a primary method of transportation in our lives and has changed the social landscape forever.

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