Airport Security

4 April 2015
Threat of terrorism & technological & human methods of detection & prevention. Access control, explosives, x-ray imaging, nuclear techniques, costs and training.

The aviation industry as of late has faced the incredible problem of security, due to a particular breach thereof which had horrifying results and implications as to the possibilities of unsafe air travel. In consideration of this, security measures were necessary to ensure that such a situation would not again arise. Thus, screening became a step in travel, one which is now faced with various solutions with differing degrees of social and ethical mettle. The registered flyer program established to enable pre-screening is jilted by the financial requirements of the service, ignoring fiscal inequality within society. The ethics of allowing private companies to determine the identity of citizens are also murky considering the freedom for error and abuse created. Privacy will be and has always been an issue within American society. The existence of machinery which invades this must be met with rules to prevent its abuse, as unethical employees may figure out a way to turn off censors, thereby seeing things the flyers would not with them to. As with any industry, that of aviation faces numerous pitfalls to social and ethical wrong, which must be sought out and corrected prior to any damage being done.

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