Alabama State Lottery Many states have a state lottery. These lotteries can help out a state in many different ways. Lotteries can help provide many different ways of funding money to the state. They can help provide money for local groups and organizations such as schools, hospitals, and animal shelters. Alabama needs a state lottery because it does not have the proper funding to provide for those in need, provide help for the school systems, and It can boost the states overall profit. Some people have different views on gambling.

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They believe that it is wrong and hould not be done. Others have the total opposite view. Many people think the state lottery is the same as gambling, but others argue that its not. People in Alabama travel to other states to be part of their state lottery such as Georgia and Florida; In this way the state is loosing money by the people going and spending their money in other states, where as If there was a lottery here In Alabama It would receive all the money. The state loses valuable money that could help fund to people who are In need of it.

With that money we could help give the less fortunate food, shelter, and clothes to ear. If the state of Alabama could get a lottery, the money from it could help so many people, and the people from other states would join our lottery as the residents from Alabama use theirs. There have been many recent cuts Involving our states school system. The state could provide better pay for teachers, new books, and could provide better space for higher education for students. The lottery money could go towards making new school systems, and to buying the proper technology needed for todays everyday learning.

Kevin P. Brady from North Carolina State university states, “State overnments face escalating pressure to adequately fund public education” (1). Money from the lottery could help with this problem. The lottery could make Alabama a better, smarter place for young kids in school grow up and get their education. Many people believe

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we could get the funding for this money in other ways such as fundraising. Yes, that is a good way to make money, but the lottery could provide so much more. Teachers need all the help they can get, and some even buy things for their class out of their own pockets.

With just a little help these teachers could provide a top-notch environment for their kids to prosper in. Children need good surroundings to be able to learn properly so they can have a bright and better future for themselves. The lottery can provide this all. There are millions of dollars that goes Into a state lottery. According to Jonathon Griffin states that In 2011 the gambling association employed almost 340,000 people (1 ). This shows Just one of the great things that a lottery could do for the state of Alabama.

With the economy the way It is now this would provide so many out of work people with an opportunity to work and to provide with their families while also providing them with benefits they wouldnt OF3 possibly be great. If the state were to pass a lottery they could set a certain amount that could be used only for schools. There are also many people in the state of Alabama who would love the opportunity to be able to go to college but cannot afford it and their families cannot afford to send them.

The money made from the lottery in Alabama could help these young people be able to have the bright future that they deserve. In “The Lottery in Alabama: The Pros and Cons” Dennis Conner states that “If we could get a lottery… something that’s going to contribute to funding, then it would make it easier. Some of us can afford to pay for our kids to go to school, but some of us can’t”(l). This statement made shows that many people in Alabama have Just this view: the lottery is all about the money that it could bring into the state.

The lottery would mainly do just that, bring money into this state that could drastically change so many things about Alabama. Schooling is one of the most important things in a young child’s life. With the money that could help the schools the state needs to pass a lottery law so that they can get the school systems extra funding and make the children’s learning nvironment great. Being young is when you get all of your basic education so now is the time the state needs to make it better for younger kids and for those to come in the future.

Lotteries should not be considered a form of gambling but much more as a way of helping. By a certain number of people lotteries are viewed as a form of “recreation and can provide psychological benefits usually overlooked” (Alabama Lottery 1). This could help people in more ways than Just earning money. Another form in which the lottery could help Alabama is with the animal shelters. There are so many different animals hat people abuse or dump off the side of the road Just to get rid of them. The lottery could provide the funding to help these animals by giving them the money to buy new shelters and food for them.

There are local humane shelters that try their best to give the animals a better life but they still do not have all the proper funding to help every animal and all their needs. Animals have many different illnesses that cost a lot of money to treat. The lottery could help provide some of the money needed to help save these animals instead of hem dying or getting put to sleep is not free either. All the animals need our help. The lottery money for the state could provide peoples pay income to help treat and watch over these animals.

Many people like adopting animals from local shelters, but not having enough money scares the shelter because they might have to shut down. Most people volunteer their time at these shelters with no pay Just because they like helping. The state should do the same and make it to where they can help provide for them too. With Just a little state funded money the shelters could turn around and give the less ortunate animals a dream life and all the medicines and treatments they need, not counting food and they could buy them a great place to live.

Of course the animals cannot voice their opinion, but they would like it a whole lot more then barely getting by if the state could Just help out a little with money and funding towards shelters and helpers. Although Alabama does not have a state lottery, they need to reconsider getting state. It could make the communities and surrounding areas so much nicer, and better, and make the state a much more enjoyable environment to want to grow up and live in. A main reason that so many people do not agree with putting a lottery in Alabama, or why it is such a big issue to have a lottery is because of the religious views of this state.

The voters of the state of Alabama as well as the voters in a few other states such as Utah use the huge ties the state has to religion as an “excuse to ban a lottery system” according to the New York Times (Lottery Logic 1). Donald W. Gribbin and Jonathon J. Bean made a few valid points in their article. The two stated that in the nineteenth century lotteries had a terrible reputation. They also said that, “lotteries ere morally corrupting” (351). The religious views of people were being corrupted by the lotteries around them.

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