Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill

12 December 2019

Canadian Alanis Morissette’s debut album called “Jagged Little Pill” has been a smash. She has had four singles off her CD and most likely will have at least a couple more. There have been millions and millions of her CD sold already.

Most of Alanis Morissette’s music is alternative (modern rock). A few of her songs are closer to a soft rock-type of music. The singles include “You Oughta Know” followed by “Hand in My Pocket,” “Ironic” and “You Learn” which have sparked millions of sales of her premiere CD. The new one “Head Over Feet” is very promising, as is “All I Really Want.” These singles make up half of her CD. Most of her songs seem to be emotionally sparked by past or present relationships or experiences.

Let’s answer a question for ourselves. Do you have very many CDs that you like listening to almost every song on over and over? I know I don’t. So if you like alternative music or any of Alanis Morissette’s music and don’t have her CD “Jagged Little Pill,” I strongly recommend that you buy it right away. Otherwise you will be stuck listening to fractions of your old CDs instead all of your new Alanis CD. And for any adults out there, I also recommend the CD to you if you enjoy alternative or modern rock music (yeah, right).

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