Album Who I am by Nick Jonas and the Administration

9 September 2019

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is one of my favorite artist. I absolutely love him, up until a year ago I didn’t even know who the Jonas Brothers were and then slowly I started to listen to them and now I love them, I listen to the words of there song and are truly inspired. I think they are a great group, but once Nick Jonas came out, the words OH MY GOSH! Shouted out! I was so excited to listen to his new album, every single song was my favorite and I love his work as much as I love his vocals, he has some kind of unique style that I have yet to explain! Its beautiful it really is, he is awesome and a lot of his songs however seemed like they are inspired by ‘one person!’

Album Who I am by Nick Jonas and the Administration Essay Example

I swear, and I think everyone knows who that some one is! Its real cute. (haha) Anyhow one of my favorite songs on the album Who I Am would have to be Olive and an Arrow, it’s oh my goodness, just so heartfelt! You fall in love with the song and him because he really pours his heart out and I love it. His voice is kind of edgy and every time he sings in falsetto he nails it every time, I have yet to go to one of his concerts, anyone ever been? What do you think about his songs? I also really like his song from his T.V. show that’s called “Give love a try” talk about amazing the guy is genuine and legit.

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