Santiago works in a crystal shop for almost a month and he Justifies that his standpoint is not bringing im contentment and he builds up bravery to take the rarely followed path of making change. After a period of working for the crystal merchant, it is narrated, “He could see that it wasn’t exactly the kind of Job that would make him happy’ (31). Through the realization that the Job he is taking part in will not bring him satisfaction, Santiago comprehends that he must make a change; he bravely refocuses from his steady paying Job to going back on his Journey to achieve his personal legend.

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Finally Santiago borrows books from the Englishman in an attempt to learn more of alchemy, ut he bravely continues on his personal legend in his own style of following omens, rather than altering his standpoint to the path of simple studying. After returning the books to the Englishman, Santiago states, “Everyone has his or her own way of learning things… His way isn’t the same as mine, nor mine as his. But we are both in search of our Personal Legends” (84).

This presents Santiagds brave ability to look at the Englishman and comprehend that there are ways of going about personal legends that are different, but he still focuses on his own path of following his journey with the utilization of the worlds’ teachings. Therefore through the understanding of these examples it can be acknowledged that Santiago bravely maintains focus throughout his Journey to his personal legend.

In conclusion in the novel The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho there is a powerful representation that if one is to achieve his/her personal legend, one must display multiple acts of bravery. With the protagonist Santiago bravely displaying his ability to keep focus no matter what obstacle may arise, and to take risks even when easier options present themselves. The Alchemist proves that the strong aspect of bravery is the most necessary attribute to make an average character into a hero.

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