Alcohol Abuse in the over 65 Population

4 April 2015
A discussion of the increase of alcohol abuse in the senior population.

This paper discusses the problem of an increase of alcohol abuse among the over 65 segment of the population. The problems in identifying alcohol abuse in this group, as well as the consequences of the abuse are presented. The causes of abuse specific to the elderly population are explored.
“Substance abuse, especially that of alcohol and prescription drugs, is increasingly growing into a serious problem among the population segment of 65 plus citizens. What is of grave concern is the fact that this particular segment of the population is the fastest growing. Census estimates predict that 1994’s older adult population of 33 million will more than double to 80 million by 2050. Also consider the fact that several studies have found a clear relationship between early alcohol habits and the development of alcohol abuse later in life. Given that the use of alcohol has been more widespread since the 1960s, it is likely that the future will see a far larger incidence of alcohol abuse among the elderly with the aging of the baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964).”

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