Alejandro by Lady Gaga

9 September 2019

It takes a very unique person to be able to appreciate the music of Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga doesn’t just write with her heart, she writes with her brain. What I mean by this is, she uses her imagination. Everyone says that Lady Gaga is different from other singers. She is not different, she is just braver. Everyone has an imagination, but not everyone is brave enough to put whatever is in their imagination, into their songs. All of Lady Gaga’s songs are unique in their own way, but “Alejandro” has a special meaning. What makes it so special is the fact that everybody understands the song differently. Everybody has felt the emotion she describes in her song, in so many different times. I think Lady Gaga is an inspiration, not just for her music, but for her bravery and overall personality.

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