Alexander Graham Bell: Biography

Alexander Graham Bell was a teacher and an inventor. He had many inventions, but he was most famous for inventing the telephone. Alexander was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on March 3, 1847. His mother’s name was Elza bell. She was deaf. He had two brothers Melville and Edward. In 1871 Aleck moved to Boston to teach deaf children. He married Mabel Hubbard in 1877 and had two daughters Elsie and Martian. Alex died on August 2. 1922 in Canada. Aleck was always very curious as a young boy. He was most curious about sound. Aleck was not a very good student.

He had a hard time concentration in school. He would rather study music and sound. Aleck would use his dog for sound experiments, by gently pressing on the dog’s mouth and voice box. Because of Aleck’s mother being deaf, he knew ho hard the worl was for deaf people. After high school Aleck got a Job teaching speech. He believed that the deaf would have a better life if they learned speech. Aleck tried to learn more about the science of speech. Those experiments helped with his work later on the telephone. Aleck changed the world in 1876 by invention the telephone.

He worked on this with Thomas Watson. The United States gave him patent 174,465 for the telephone. On March 10, 1876 the famous words “Mr. Watson come here, I want you” were the first words passed through their phone. IN 191 5 Aleck and Watson made the first coast tocoast call from New York to California. Alexander Grahan Bell has other inventions too. They include the photophone, the metal detectror, and a vacuum Jacket. He also worked with partners to design the Silver Dart and hydrofoil boat. As a teacher he worked hard to heop the deaf. As an inventor he never gave up on his ideas.

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