8 August 2016

For this problem we will figure out if the Tartan 4100 is safe for sailing. The formula given is C= 4d1/3 where d is the displacement in pounds In the first example the boat has a beam of 13. 5 and a displacement of 23,245 lbs C = 4d1/3b The starting radical formula C = 4(23,245)1/3(13. 5) Values plugged in C = 4(. 035)(13. 5) Apply exponent C = 0. 14(13. 5) Multiply C = 1. 89 This is less than or equal to 2 so this vessel is safe for sailing.

Another way to find out if the sailboat is safe for sailing is to take the radical formula we just got and solve for the variable d. c/4b3=d1/3(3) Multiply each side by 3/1 to cancel out the exponent. D = c – 3 Since this is a negative, use the reciprocal to cancel out the negative 64b – 3 D = 64b3 convert the cube root D = (4b/c)3 We were presented with the value of b being 13. 5 at the start of the problem. The given problem has presented us with 3 variables..

Algebra, Essay Example

Variable c is used to represent the capsize screening value. Variable d represents the displacement in pounds. Variable b represents the beam width. While studying math many people feel there is very little or no place in the real word in which we will use what it is we are being taught. This problem has shown us that we can use radical formulas in the real world. The sailing world uses radical formulas to determine if a sailboat is safe for ocean sailing. REFERENCES Dugopolski, M. (2012) Elementary and intermediate algebra (4th ed). New York, NY: McGraw – Hill Publishing.

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