8 August 2019

The interracial group All-4-One’s self-titled debut album was released at a time when even some of the most enthusiastic R listeners could not tell the difference between many groups. Jodeci, for example, has recently come out with a new album, entitled, “Diary of a Mad Band.” But All-4-One stands out above all the rest, combining R and soul to create a new look and sound for the music industry. All-4-One’s first song released, “So Much in Love,” is a new rendition of a song that was created decades ago. How is it different? All-4-One sings it a cappella, combining perfect harmony and melody with a great song to bring it to number one in no time. All-4-One’s second song, recently released “I Swear,” is also making it big, nearing the number one slot after being on the charts for only a couple of weeks. The rest of the album is much of the same; downright great music. But not all All-4-One’s songs are as slow as the first two. The group livens the tempo a little more in the song, “Skillz.” So, whether you like slow “wedding songs” or dance music, “All-4-One” is a great CD to buy, and I can promise you won’t be disappointed. .

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