ALL AROUND THE WORLD by Mindless behavior

All AROUND THE WORLD ALBUM by: Mindless Behavior
Mindless behavior is the latest and hottest boy band. Its four boys. Their names are Princeton, prodigy, RayRay, Roc royal , “Facts about the boys” Ray was Born January 6th, 1997, he is from Los Angeles he once ate a whole pizza box alone

his favorite song on the album are future & gone talks a lot when he is nervous Ray ray’s favorite cartoon is tom & Jerry he is afraid of elevators
he collects bracelets. Prodigy Born December 26th, 1996 he is from Philadelphia. He is very professional in the studio. He also Gets His Hair Cut Once A Week. He Cut His Mohawk His favorite subject in school is science. His favorite comic book
hero is spiderman .His favorite actor is will smith . Roc-Royal was Born July 23rd, 1997 he is From Los Angeles

Roc doesn’t like reece’s peanut butter cups candy his best subjects are math & Science.
His favorite female singer is Beyonce. . He takes really long to do his homework
His favorite ice cream is cake batter with brownies & Snicker his favorite color black & blue. Princeton was Born April 21st , 1997 he is from LA Princeton’s goal is to have people think of him when they think of peace sign he gets scared during horror movies he is a good cooker he likes coffee

he is a fan of demi lovato he is black & Mexican. The main idea of the the album is the boys singing about girls and heart breaks and make ups. Their music is the best of all time, The album was released in 2013. They sing and dance in all the songs. My favorite song on the album is all around the world. I like the song because it explains how they traveled around and performing because they are boss. And they are super cute.

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