All Of Their Albums by Hollywood Undead and Deuce

7 July 2019

Music. Its important to EVERYONE, it doesn’t matter who you are music is a part of your life. Either its for you to work out to or it really defines your life and helps you through tough times. So why do people decide to hate on the music- or rather the artists- that really shape us, and make us who we are? My biggest music infliuence is Hollywood Undead . Their music really helps me when I’m feeling down and all that. I’m a huge fan of them so when I heard all the sh– that was happening between Deuce and the rest of Hollywood Undead all my friends ganged up on me and were like: “Who’s side are you on?”

Me I’m sitting here like: “What do you mean?”. Well they jumped down my throat saying that I had to choose a side. Of course me being me I wasn’t on either “side”.

All Of Their Albums by Hollywood Undead and Deuce Essay Example

Then Danny became the permanant replacement for Deuce. Instantly EVERYONE went to YouTube and started having comment wars about who was “better”. A lot of people are hating on Deuce because of what he wrote and put on his album 9Lives.

Personally this is where I stand on this topic: BOTH DANNY AND DEUCE ARE EQUALLY GREAT ARTISTS!

Why do we have to hate on Danny or Deuce? Why can’t people just repsect Danny and Deuce as the music artists they are?

Honestly Hollywood Undead could’ve said “We’re done making music” when they kicked Deuce out of the band, but they didn’t. They just put Danny in Deuce’s place and contiued to put out amazing music.

So why hate on them people???

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