"All Of You" by Colbie Caillat

7 July 2019

“All of You” by Colbie Caillat is an upbeat, happy album. There were many songs addressing the idea of broken hearts and crying over love, but in a positive uplifting way. This is the perfect album to listen to for anyone who’s having a bad day and needs a good song or two to dance to. Each song has its own beat, unique in its own way, but all the songs are tied together by the common idea of telling a boy that “I want you.” The title song emphasizes on how the guy is still thinking about another girl while he’s out with you, but you want his mind and body with you.

The acclaimed single “Brighter Than The Sun” is a great dance party song, the first single to be released, and was the first music video to come out with this album. “Brighter Than The Sun” is about how the artist, Colbie, is amazed by the guy she sees on the street corner. Any teenage girl can relate to this song, thinking about their first crush or the cute guy the happen to cross paths with on a walk. Another music video that is definitely worth watching is “I Do”. “I Do” describes how Colbie professes her love to a guy, telling him to love her. Songs like “Think Good Thoughts”, on how Colbie will think positive as she ignores any negative comments she may hear, and “What Means The Most”, really bring out the strength in this artist’s life. As Colbie is a songwriter, this third album records her emotions as she changes over the years. “What Means The Most” is a song explaining how she wants her dream life to merge with reality.

The only song that does not appeal to me on this album is “Favorite Song” featuring the rapper, Common. There is a whole genre of rap, and Colbie Caillat just doesn’t belong in that category of music. For fans of Caillat’s music, “Favorite Song” will be quite a disappointment. Colbie has a unique voice with her own sound and this is an album worth buying. With twelve songs on the album, they’re bound to make you smile.

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