All quiet of the western front Movie vs Book

7 July 2016

The book all Quiet of the Western Front demonstrates a clear similarity in regard to themes with it’s original movie. Although the reader and the audience of the movie can take different aspects of the theme due to the setting of the movie and the imagery used in the book. In fact the added scenarios in the movie had a different impact then in the book; for example, in the movie Paul was introduced as a schoolboy and through the setting of movie it demonstrated a change in it’s personality by becoming a soldier. The movie was more emotional then the novel by showing the shift in character.

However the book was written in third person so that the reader could have been able to understand Paul actions through the smiles, metaphors and imagery imposed by the author. This wasn’t present in the movie although the director did include certain flashback that made the movie scenes more significant. The difference between the book and the movie, is that the director decided to connect the beginning to the end with Paul death by him drawing the bird in both, the conclusion and the introduction of the movie.

All quiet of the western front Movie vs Book Essay Example

In order to reach the audience in the movie they used Paul’s passion of poetry to show how in war the innocents don’t survive. The death of the soldiers in the movie were made more realistic and sentimental. These sentiments were created by the list Paul’s wrote to his commander and listed all his friends deaths, and how they were the only standing in war. In conclusion both the movie and the book were precisely constructed to reach the reader and the audience, and show how a soldier life is really lived.

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