All Shook Up

5 May 2019

“FIVE MINUTES!” screeches our teacher.
My heart pounds fiercely. I’m thirsty. I have to use the bathroom. What if?
“You’re going to do great,” an inmate reassures me, knowing we need each other during the rigorous opening of “All Shook Up.”
Did Elvis get this nervous before a show? The overture cuts off my thought. I take center stage and a deep breath. With my back to the audience, as the lights come up, I reassure myself that this is my time to show what I can do.
When you’re in a game there is room for error, but in a musical there is no room. Everything must go as planned. The lines, dances, and music are all given to us, and we are expected to bring our characters to life.
We dance off the stage as the curtain closes at the end of the show, using the audience’s energy.

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“That was fantastic, Jesse!”

“Great job, man!”
“Way to rock, Chad!”
For the full two hour and 30 minute show, I became Chad. Does Elvis feel this? Do actors feel this rush? My thoughts are cut off by family, friends, and teachers. I am flattered by the compliments I am given for my performance as Chad.
The week is seen in the side mirrors of Chad’s motorcycle. Ten minutes before the last show starts, I look at myself in the mirror thinking about the great performances I put on that week. I stand there proud with the effort I have put in to become everything my character would be.
I’m glad I was given the chance to play the character Chad in “All Shook Up.” It allowed me to learn about myself. I love the responsibility of taking on new characters. When I come to your university, I will bring the same qualities I used in “All Shook Up:” hard work, perfectionism, and a positive attitude.

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