All Songs and Albums by Usher

10 October 2019

Tons of albums, Hundreds of songs, millions of lyrics, one legacy, one Usher.
Usher Raymond IV was born in Dallas, Texas he first started performing his vocal magic as a kid in a local church choir in Chattanooga. From that point on he knew he had to have a career in music. Slowly he began the journey of becoming a successful and well known hip-hop artist. As many of his fans have witnessed he puts his soul and personality into all of his music. Each and every one of his songs is different in its own way but still contain a common core factor; they are almost always about a woman. Maybe it’s his love for women, his song’s exquisite rising harmonies, teasing bass drops and claustrophobic feel to his songs or maybe it’s his seemingly computerized dance moves, but Usher is truly the favorite of the hip-hop culture.
Usher is a once in a lifetime artist. Not only does he have tunes to warm your heart and make you dance, he knows how to get his message across to his fans, and any others who happen to be listening. All while including unique and inspiring music patterns that had never been incorporated with hip-hop music before. His song YOU REMIND ME is a slow relaxing song with a strong beat about a woman with mild instrumental input, fading at the end of chorus, no auto-tune, and much vocal harmony. While his other song OMG is a high speed song with an electronic club feel to it with much auto-tune. You never know what you will find when you pick up an Usher album, you might find it to be a mix of slow sappy songs or it could be filled to the top with fast club songs. No matter what you like, Usher will absolutely have a song for you.
Many of Ushers songs can be compared to another famous hip-hop artist, Ne-yo. Ne –yo’s songs are usually always about a woman. Wow doesn’t that sound familiar? But on a more serious note Usher usually uses more auto-tune and electric feel to his songs while Ne-yo tries to use more natural vocals and instrumentals while still maintaining the hip-hop title by including that certain kind of club/dance feel.
As we venture forth into this life we don’t know what will come up, so whether you are looking for a slow sappy love song to sooth your hurt or an upbeat club song to awaken your inner dancer, Usher has it.

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