All That Jazz

6 June 2018

Please recall that formal outlines must accompany each essay you write, but note that the basic formula TEMPLATE provided does not have Roman numerals though your outline should like example #3 in the Outlining Exercises and the examples in your textbook(s). Outline And Essay Formula: Every college student has heard the term thesis statement, but often folks are not quite sure how to write one or how to identify one in an essay.In a different handout, we will examine how to recognize and write a thesis statement, building on concepts learned in previous writing classes, but here we only examined how to use a thesis statement as a controlling idea for an argumentative essay. We will agree, however, that a thesis statement cannot ever be a question – that by definition it is a statement, and in most academic writing, it will be a debatable statement – one that has a point or claim to prove – one that can be argued.

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The thesis statement must be the main idea of the essay – in other words, all the details in the essay must have something specifically to do with the thesis statement.

Never include ideas or details or data that aren’t directly related to or in support of your thesis. For short essays like ours, the thesis belongs in the introductory paragraph, and it must be one sentence long – only one sentence. Introductory paragraphs should be around six to eight sentences long.Body paragraphs should be around 10 – 12 sentences long and begin with a debatable topic sentence followed by nine sentences of development. These nine sentences are broken into 3 sets of three; they are smaller units of information that consist of an idea that is directly related to the topic sentence followed by support (evidence, proof, data, etc. ) followed by a sentence that further explains (illustrates, demonstrates) why the proof does indeed prove the point you are making.

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