Alloy by Skepticism

1 January 2020

There are some funeral doom bands with awful production. “Alloy” happened to be the best produced doom album I have ever heard. The album opens up with “The Arrival”, which happens to be my favorite song in their collection. Such true words spark their creativity and the baby “The Arrival” is born. Fresh organ sounds and it really captures the whole of autumn. Next comes the epic “March October”. Now this song contains a mood of anger untill the amazing mid section, clean vocalized, true funeral style sound that Skepticism had longed forgotten. The third song is “Antimony” and it opens itself up with a transylvannian style organ chord. The song belongs on Farmakon and sadly, it’s my least favorite off of “Alloy”. I find it rather odd and not real Skepticism, but they continue to surprise me and that’s the reason why I love Skepticism. “The Curtain” is next and the mix between harsh and clean vocals puts the mood of the song into perspective. I really appreciated the song and despite it’s mere length of 6 minutes, it really is a great listen. Next up is “Pendulum”, the 9 minute masterpiece. around the 2 and a half mark a brilliant section of beautifully crafted chords to create a very peculiar mood. Then it breaks down into a very dissonant sounding meltdown. After that comes very repetitive chords untill the end. Lastly, the godly, “Oars In The Dusk”. A true 6 minutes of hard work, put out into a song. Jani even has time to put in an acoustic guitar solo. Then towards the end comes the verse from the beguinning of the song, untill…the grand finale: Organs blaring on the same note for a total of 17 seconds. A masterpece work of art.

All In all, I really appreciate “Alloy”, and it’s my favorite album in the catalog of Skepticism. The only flaw is “Antimony”. It doesn’t fit in with “Alloy”. I find it rather repetitive in most spots, but it is a great song and all of “Alloy deserves The 99% I gave it. Let the reign of true Funeral Doom last forever like autumn…

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