Alterations in Psychosocial Health

4 April 2015
This paper presents the problems of preventing and treating substance abuse, violent behavior and other disturbances of the “bio-psychosocial” equation.

The author states that 50 per cent of the mental ill population has a substance abuse problem. He continues that the families of the mentally ill and their health professionals often are not aware of the additional substance abuse problem. The paper concludes that families cannot stop this behavior, but they can help minimize it by avoiding cover-ups and denial.
Table of Contents
Mental Illness and Substance Abuse
Mental Illness and Violence
Mental Illness, Substance Abuse and Violence – The 3Way Inter-Relation
Management and Prevention of the Condition
Recognizing the Problem
Action Plan – Support and Self-care for the Family
“Almost every aspect of care for the person with mental illness is complicated by substance abuse. To start with, these individuals are, by no doubt, very problematical to engage in treatment. Diagnosis becomes prolonged and difficult because unraveling the interacting effects of substance abuse and the mental illness are time consuming. Adding to this, cases of such individuals are found to be having difficulty in being accommodated at home, nor are tolerated in community residences of rehabilitation programs. They lose their support systems soon and commonly undergo hospitalizations due to frequent relapses.”
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