Altitude & Athletes

4 April 2015
Effects of high altitude on athletic performance. Looks at how it effects their training needs, oxygen use & availability, endurance and the dangers involved.

Altitude and its effects on athletic performance will be discussed with regard to the following subtopics: adaptations the body makes as a person goes from sea level to a high altitude; changes brought about by aerobic compared to anaerobic exercises at high altitude; and the effects, positive or negative, of training at altitude. A drastic case study will be cited to demonstrate the magnitude of the effect of altitude change on physiology.
At altitudes of over 5,000 feet, the ability to perform physical work is affected–the higher the altitude, the more severe the effects. In general, one can expect a reduction in endurance capacity as measured by the maximal oxygen consumption of 3 to 3.5 percent for every 1,000 feet ascended above 5,000 feet. Work performance and maximum oxygen consumption are…

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