Always on My Shoulder

12 December 2018

The buzzer rings throughout the stadium and the scoreboard expresses that we had lost by three. Both of these things mean that my high-school soccer career is now over. The overwhelming stinging in my eyes comes quickly, but I keep my head up, knowing that I’ve tried my best. However, I look to the sidelines and see him; his hands that have held me through so much, his old railroad boots that he wears constantly, and his overall positive persona. My dad has been and will always be my biggest fan, no matter what I’m involved in. He has influenced me with so many things in his life and taught me infinite lessons that I believe will get me far in life.

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Always on My Shoulder
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A lesson that has impacted my life very greatly is one that my father instilled in me at a young age. He would always tell me that there is a plan in life and five decisions that could make or break you. When I was little, I told him that I wanted a job. He chuckled at the idea of a 5 year old having a job, and sat me down to explain to me that my job was to go to school, make straight A’s, and work my hardest at sports and school. Other than that, a regular job was out of the question. Growing up, my dad worked for the railroad every night about 9, came home and slept during the day, and then went back to work to do it all over again. He completely took on the father role to help provide for our family and worked hard for what he received, another positive influence on my life, and in the process he taught me that a hard work ethic can get you very far in life.

As a girl going through high school, there are countless “traumatic” events that I have gone through or have yet to go through. Every time, I could trust my dad to give positive advice that always helped, even in very tough situations. As a kid I would tell him, “How do you know everything?” to which he would answer, “I don’t know everything, but I was once young in some of the situations you have or will face later on.” Even after that answer, I still don’t understand how he knows as much as he does. He was the best listener when I needed him to be and didn’t have to say much or he could be my dad and help talk me through it and advise me on what to do. Whatever it is that I go through, he always has a small yet helpful piece of advice to get me through it. He is my best friend that never lets me face an obstacle alone. Like he tells me before every soccer game or whenever we’re far apart, “I’m always here on your shoulder.” I couldn’t be happier to know that my dad will always be with me no matter what point in my life that I may be.

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