Alzheimer’s Disease

4 April 2015
An introduction to Alzheimer’s Disease – a common form of dementia among older people.

The paper defines Alzheimer’s Disease as the most common form of dementia, or brain disorder, that affects older people and affects their ability to communicate and act rationally. The paper covers many issues relating to the disease including its discovery, causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Finally, it covers the issue of families living with AD sufferers and the difficulty involved.
Talking to patients about their roles in life and activities helps patients to maintain their self-identity and enhances the quality of life. The roles that family caregivers accept can be overwhelming. They must help the patient with personal hygiene, dressing and housekeeping. In addition, it is important to ensure mental and physical stimulation by ensuring that they have social and physical activities. The overburdened caregiver is susceptible to stress, resentful feeling and psychological problems. It is usually a good idea to seek assistance in providing care and to join support groups. (Hamdy, Mace)

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