4 April 2015
An overview of the movie “Amadeus.”

A discussion of the movie Amadeus; which was directed by Milos Forman, and released during 1984. This paper shows how the film is an adaptation of Peter Shaffer’s Broadway hit, and is considered as an expansion of a Viennese ‘urban legend’ concerning the death of the great musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The paper discusses the storyline in the film and touches on the music which appeared in the movie.
Salieri now had his big plan for the final demise of Mozart, and the beginning of fame for himself. He put on a costume that Leopold had on at a party while visiting Mozart, and then went to visit with Mozart. During this visit, he pretended to be a mysterious benefactor and commissions the backbreaking “Requiem,” which eventually cost Mozart his health and life. Salieri knew that with Mozart’s lifestyle, that Mozart didn’t have much longer to live, so with the “Requiem” in hand, he planned for it to be played at a mass for Mozart, taking all credit for the composition, which would be the beginning of his fame. The plan didn’t work and the “Requiem” wasn’t finished until later by Mozart’s pupil Sussmayer. Also, there was no great mass for Mozart. All that Salieri gained was guilt, which followed him to his last days.
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