Amazing Grace by Celtic Thunder

8 August 2019

“Amazing Grace” is sang by Celtic Thunder for their Christmas show that they did. The song has been popular in the country of Ireland for more than a century. It’s a Christian hymn that was published in 1779 and written by John Newton. It’s also a song that’s been recorded by many other singers too. Including: Andre Rieu, Celtic Woman, Elvis Presley, Il Divo, and Elvis Presley. “Amazing Grace” appears on their DVD “Christmas” and their CD “It’s Entertainment.”
I’ve listened to a bunch of versions of “Amazing Grace” but I think that their version is the best out of any of the others I’ve listened to. It’s my favorite version because I just love how Damian’s newly deep voice is featured in the song. Also, I just love how they all harmonize during the song too. You can actually find their version of the song on their YouTube channel titled “Thundertube.

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” Their video of them singing actually went viral too.

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