Amazing Grace by Celtic Thunder

8 August 2019

“Amazing Grace” is sang by Celtic Thunder for their Christmas show that they did. The song has been popular in the country of Ireland for more than a century. It’s a Christian hymn that was published in 1779 and written by John Newton. It’s also a song that’s been recorded by many other singers too. Including: Andre Rieu, Celtic Woman, Elvis Presley, Il Divo, and Elvis Presley. “Amazing Grace” appears on their DVD “Christmas” and their CD “It’s Entertainment.”
I’ve listened to a bunch of versions of “Amazing Grace” but I think that their version is the best out of any of the others I’ve listened to. It’s my favorite version because I just love how Damian’s newly deep voice is featured in the song. Also, I just love how they all harmonize during the song too. You can actually find their version of the song on their YouTube channel titled “Thundertube.” Their video of them singing actually went viral too.

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