After viewing historical drama “Amazing Grace” I have realized that the film changes attitudes towards the name of William Wilberforce and it becomes a household name. For foreigners it is more difficult to perspective cultural and historical peculiarities of another country, but the film is so impressive and realistic as it seems that all events are reflected in your heart.

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The film reflects one of the most painful moments in the history of England – slavery, racial and ethnical discrimination and it is William Wilberforce who was among the first to struggle for abandoning slavery in the country.

The film is very powerful and is based on historical events showing the fierce battle to abolish slavery in the British Empire in the 18th century. The film is also a chronicle of a man, William Wilberforce, who struggled for justice, abolishing of slavery and was striving for spiritual contemplation.

Wilberforce is a junior Member of Parliament and he has been struggling for eight years to abolish slavery, but his efforts have failed to bear fruits. Therefore, we see that he is depleted and demoralized. Moreover, delicate health has forced him to retreat to the home to rest and re-asses his political ideas. In the character of Wilberforce the director reflects desires and expectations of the whole nation.

Wilberforce is seen to love the poor, to invite them to eat, etc. Wilberforce refuses to use a slave as ante in gambling. In such a way the film delivers important message to the audience – slaves deserve equal treatment and freedom as they are people. Wilberforce is one of the people who shapes historical development, especially when he shares his political ideals with his friends spreading struggle for slavery abolishing and liberty. I think that it is Wilberforce’s desire and commitment that has led to gradual abolishment of slavery and slave trade in the years to come.

When watching film, I was sure that Wilberforce is humane personality and can be defined as hero. He posses all human qualities – he struggles, he doubts, he is subject to physical pains and is dependent on painkillers. But he has left his trace in the history of the British Empire.

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