American Beauty/American Psycho Album by Fall Out Boy

10 October 2019

Fall Out Boy came back with a bang after a too long hiatus with Save Rock and Roll and while they didn’t quite save rock and roll, they re-created themselves in the best way possible. With guest singers like Elton John, Courtney Love, Foxes and a few others, they created this amazing thing that has you hooked from the first track.

Now, they’re back with American Beauty/American Psycho and the only real word for this is: WOW. I may be a bit biased, because I am a huge FOB fan, but I really don’t care. Tracks like Irresistible and Centuries are fist-pumping anthemics that give you this feeling inside of wanting to jump around like a crazy person, Novocaine showcases Patrick Stump’s lovely higher register (frankly, I’m jealous), The Kids Aren’t Alright (my personal favourite) which has you remembering what FOB used to be and a little bit of what they are now, and the whole thing is just this beautiful confection of the various decades of rock music with a bit of their basically historic pop-punk thrown in that gives it the perfect sophomore album-after-hiatus sound.

American Beauty/American Psycho Album by Fall Out Boy Essay Example

It been received moderately well by major music reviewers but more on the negative side, however, I don’t really care. I like the album. A lot. A whole lot.

In Centuries, Patrick Stump sings this one line: “I won’t stop ’til the whole world knows my name”. Well, if the band keeps going in this direction, they’re definitely going to get there.

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