American Colonist and Boston Tea Party

1 January 2018

They both had a critical attitude when it came to solving problems. When having this type of attitude it helps with your critical thinking skills. When solving a problem you have to evaluate and be observant.

Samuel Adams he was a very analytical personality he evaluates both sides of a problem and then he works on coming up with a solution. Thomas Hutchinson could have used critical thinking skills by obeying the law. They both used and practice critical thinking in their own way and they solve issues differently.When improving you thinking it really depends on the person and the habits and attitudes of others. 2. Explain the importance of building a foundation for critical and creative thinking when evaluating historical events such as the Boston Tea party. Building a foundation is very important this is important on a daily basis personally and professionally.

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Creative and critical thinking when evaluating the events of the Boston Tea Party you need to gather all the information and evaluate the issues so you can understand how and why the Boston tea party took place.When building a foundation you have to explain, analyze, and evaluate the issue before you can reach a solution for the problem. Remember you have to cross examine all sides of an issue before you can come to a solid solution. Nothing is solved with hasty decisions with every solution there has to be a plan for a satisfying outcome. 3. Explain the basis of the moral judgments made by Samuel Adams and Thomas Hutchinson. Moral Judgment is the difference between rights and wrong everyone at some point during their lifetime learns the difference between the two.

Wither it be a lie or the truth we know the difference. The moral judgment between Samuel Adams and Thomas Hutchinson they both had their view on taxes. Samuel believes that taxation was unfair especially when he knew that the people would not see any money from it. These to men though it was wrong of the British to tax people so they each in their own way stood up for what they believe to be right. 4. What steps do you think Samuel Adams and Thomas Hutchinson took toward becoming individuals and which steps ultimately made them such important historical figures?Both, Samuel Adams and Thomas Hutchinson, became individuals by realizing their views and being open and honest about them. Samuel Adams wanted to make American society better place.

Thomas Hutchinson he followed the rules which were imposed on society at any cost. Both men attempted to be a respected figures in their society they had very different views. Thomas Hutchinson had bitter political enemies such as Samuel Adams. His biggest act was not letting the ships of the East India company eave the harbor after they were not allowed to unload the Tea 5.In this class, we have discussed common habits that hinder critical thinking. Which of these habits may have been a factor in how Samuel Adams and Thomas Hutchinson viewed the issues that led to the Boston Tea Party? How could they have overcome those habits? 6. What is one important distinction you could not overlook making when critically evaluating the information provided in these materials about the Boston Tea party? Clarify the importance Of that distinction.

What strategies of critical reading, listening, and viewing did you utilize when evaluating the provided materials? 8. Considering what you have learned about the Boston Tea Party, Samuel Adams, and Thomas Hutchinson, apply your creativity to describe what could have been done proactively to avoid the incident. 9. What techniques could you use to regain a level of curiosity about history or other subjects you learned about previously in school? The technique I could use to regain a level of curiosity about history and there subjects.Number one I would research and gather all my information on history I could find. Would search online, books, magazines, and I would even ask people. Whatever would help me with my curiosity I would visit the library am sure I would find many of my answers there.

Any source of information that would be helpful O would utilize it. 10. Explain at least two key elements for producing ideas that you believe led the American colonists to the Boston Tea party and the eventual American Revolution.

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