The past years of sticking with the usual American Defense Policy have proven that over indulgence towards political and military strength are not enough to sustain US global leadership. Further, the recent attacks against American military groups and the near-failure of the Iraq aggression have made US officials to become mindful that their effort are still not sufficient. Hence, they have come up with new strategies that shall further strengthen their control in terms of economy, politics and military capability.

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As written in the Executive Summary of U.S Commission on National Security Report, Defense Policy has changed its thrust towards capitalizing on (1) human capital – promote service to the nation; (2) new innovations in science and education – keep up to the pace of growing inventions around the world, so as to avoid from lagging behind in terms of new discoveries of technology; (3) increased protection in US homeland – indeed the previous attacks that happened in the US mainland have caused the morale of the people to surge down, hence, in order to gain back the confidence of the people they must increase the security level for the people;

Designating new roles to US departments in the national security affairs – this is to keep other departments more involved in keeping the Americans secured, both in military capability, economic and political aspects; and (5) new role for the Congress – enhance knowledge, experience, consultation and coordination with regards to keeping national security.

Hence, this is a new thrust towards national security. The policies are less geared towards military capability, but are rather focused on human strength, department coordination, educational development and strategizing to pursue further economic development and supremacy.


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