American Dream Essay Research Paper Listening to

American Dream Essay, Research Paper

Listening to the panel treatment on the American Dream helped me to recognize several things about past, current, and future coevalss. I found it interesting that a bulk of the great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents worked in either a mill or a factory, or on a farm. Several of the adult females besides stayed at place to raise the kids. None of the panellists attended college except for Sam, Jo, and Edwin. Sam and Jo were both the first in their households to go to college, while Edwin? s gramps and male parent besides attended college. It surprises me that there were no involvements in earlier coevalss to foster their instruction. I am non certain if it was merely a deficiency of involvement in fostering their instruction, or if since they all could hold occupations working on farms or in mills, they all found it unneeded to travel on with it.

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American Dream Essay Research Paper Listening to
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It? s astonishing how all these people and their households came from all different parts of the universe, each of them with their ain vision of their American Dream. It? s interesting how the farther we move in front in coevalss, each one truly seems to bloom more than the old 1. All of the above merely goes to demo how everyone? s construct of the American Dream is different, and what may

suit one person and make them happy, might not be suitable for someone else. The panelists all agreed that they have achieved their version of the Dream in the life they lead, and that they would like for their children to make their own decisions and follow their own paths and journeys. They also all agreed that the American Dream is reality ? alive and well in society. All of the panelists basically defined the American Dream along the same lines, just using different terms. I agree with almost every concept that was mentioned regarding the American Dream. I believe that it is an evolving thing, depending on where we are at a given point in time, and as we grow older it changes. I certainly agree that the American Dream gives us choices?we have the freedom of choice, we have the opportunities. We all have the choice to be what we want to be and to go out and get more from this world. I would describe the American Dream in one word?happiness. Edwin said it best stating, ?The American Dream is happiness. Go where you are going to be happy and your Dream will be fulfilled. Don?t just go for materialistic things.? That was honestly the most powerful statement from the panel that really made me realize what I feel the American Dream is all about?happiness. It?s about bein

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