American Foreign Policy

This paper examines the need for change in American Foreign Policy through the opinions of three articles.

An examination of American Foreign Policy from three articles from Annual Edition’s American Foreign Policy: Article 33, Musclebound: The Limits of U.S. Power by Stephen M. Walt; Article 12, A Small Peace for the Middle East by Arthur Hertzberg; and Article 11, To Be An Enlightened Power by Wu Xinbo. It discusses the overall foreign policy theme that links the articles together, the central arguments of each article, the article the author tends to support, and what should be the final foreign policy responses and solutions to the problems.
All three authors, Walt, Hertzberg, and Xinbo, clearly believe that the United States should change its approach to foreign policy. The authors’ views are linked by their portrait of the United States as the major super power in the world and the problems and responsibilities that arise with this reality.

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They contend that the United States has involved itself in issues that either cannot be solved by U.S. intervention and that the United States tends to paint a picture of all problems being resolved on the White House lawn or through military force. All three authors point to the failures of the U.S. policies throughout the world and each prescribes an alternative approach.

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