American Government And Politics Essay Research Paper

American Government And Politics Essay, Research Paper

American Government and Politicss

The laminitiss of this state wanted a authorities with have power, but they didn t want a authorities with excessively much of it. To carry through this they wrote ways to restrict the authorities s usage of power. By making this they besides enable the citizens of he state to stay free and non hold to worry about the authorities have excessively much power.

Limited authorities is defined as a authorities that is capable to rigorous bounds of its power. The Constitution was written with linguistic communication that give powers to certain parts of the authorities and denies them to others. It besides guarantees the right of the person by supplying the authorities regulations that must be followed. The fundamental law states that persons have the right to be brought before a tribunal under a writ of habeas corpus for a judgement as to the legality of their parturiency. It besides forbids Congress from go throughing ex station facto Torahs, which enables

the prosecution for Acts of the Apostless that were legal at the clip they were committed. These are illustration on how the fundamental law has limited the powers of authorities and protected the rights of the person. It besides forbids the usage of spiritual trial as a making for keeping office, and forbids Congress or the provinces from ordaining measures of civil death ( legislative tests ) . The first 10 amendments or the Bill of Rights besides help protect the person. They allow for due procedure for people accused of offenses, and freedom of look. These were included in the fundamental law purely for the ground of protecting the person.

The fundamental law besides offsets power with power. So that no one subdivision of the authorities can go excessively powerful, they implemented a system of cheques and balances. With these powers, framers of the fundamental law ensured that their authorities would non be the absolute say in any determination. The person has been viewed as the of import individual and the authorities can non take that off.

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