American Idiot by Green Day

8 August 2019

Another great CD I have bought is American Idiot by Green Day.It is the first of Green Day’s rock operas about the fictional character the Jesus of Suburbia who runs away.The track list is as follows

1. American Idiot
2. Jesus of Suburbia
i. Jesus of Suburbia
ii. City of the Damned
iii. I Dont Care
iv. Dearly Beloved
v. Tales of Another Broken Home
3. Holiday
4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
5. Are we the Waiting
6. St. Jimmy
7. Give Me Novicane
8. She’s a Rebel
9. Extraordinary Girl
10. Letterbomb
11. Wake me up when September Ends
12. Homecoming
i. Death of St. Jimmy
ii. East 12th Street
iii. Nobody Likes You
iv. Rock and Roll Girlfriend
v. We’re Coming Home Again
13. Whatshername

American Idiot by Green Day Essay Example

The three songs you probably already know are Holiday, Wake me up when September Ends, and Boulivard of Broken Dreams.The main story of the CD starts with the “American Idiot” the Jesus of Suburbia.He leaves home and meets up with a drug dealer known as St. Jimmy.Shortly after he meats the “Extraordinary Girl” who remains nameless.By track 12, St. Jimmy is dead by suicide and the Jesus of Suburbia goes home.Three years later he wants to find the rebel girl but he can only call her whatshername.

10/10 great CD

I’ll do a blanket cover of all of Green Days songs for a “Greatest Hits” soon

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