American Idol by Adam Lambert

11 November 2018

Adam Lambert was the one guy that brought me to start watching American Idol. I happened to be watching the day he auditioned, he sung “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. I can honestly say I was TOTALLY PHSYCED when I heard him sing that, it was amazing! Adam Lambert puts so much emotion into his voice, it’s truly unbelievable. I love how he steps outside the normal boundaries and expresses his own personality onstage. One of my favorite songs that he sung was “Ring of Fire”. Now, I’m not a big Johnny Cash fan, but the way he sung that song was so amazingly COOL, I didn’t think it possible for him to exceed himself. He’s the true artist out there, instead of singing the “Normal” way; he created his own version of the song, which, I understand, upset a few people. Everyone was so used to the way the song they originally sung that they weren’t prepared for how he was going to sing it. That’s the thing about Adam; he’s so obnoxiously different that some people really don’t like him. Like I say, I liked him on the day of his audition, this was WAAY before he made it to the Finals, and it was way before he announced he was gay. And in case you are wondering, YES, I am going to cover that subject. People, does it really matter if he’s gay? He also wears eyeliner and he dresses like he just stepped out of a cheap 70’s horror flick. Who cares? I love it! It’s part of what brings all that emotion out on the stage. A lot of great artists didn’t fit the boundary of “normal.” Think of Vincent Van Gough, He became one of the most famous painters in the world, but he was also frooty as a nutcake, it was part of what made him so great! Michael Jackson, god rest his poor dead soul, became the biggest Pop star anyone could have imagined, but he too was what some people would have considered “weird.” Now, with all respect to the king of pop, I hope to god Adam Lambert doesn’t end up like him. Of course, Adam wouldn’t do that because he doesn’t try to act like anyone else, he’s his own man, and he makes his own decisions. If any of you homophobic “Adam bashers” are reading this, I really want you to reconsider the way you think of him. Maybe you’re just a die hard Kris Allen fan, and you consider him to be the “competition.” Now, I won’t say I wasn’t totally DEVISTATED when he didn’t win. I won’t say Kris didn’t deserve to win, Kris is an amazing Artist as well, he has more of the “modern” flare, but, HE’S JUST TOO DARN NORMAL! He sings like every other guy on the radio sings! Adam Doesn’t! He has his own genre, he has his own style! The abnormalities are what make him a star, and I know I’m being a bit repetitive when I say this, but it’s TRUE! I hope I don’t upset anyone with my article, and if I have, please leave a comment, but please don’t be rude, and if you are, I probably won’t answer. If you liked my article, I want you to comment too. I want all the real Adam Lambert fans to be heard! I want you all to know that I will be camping outside wal-mart the day his first CD comes out, (which doesn’t make much sense considering it’s a 24 hour store…) I’ve already bought the American idol, season 8 CD, and yes, I’ll probably buy a Kris Allen CD too, because he deserves it too. I hope you all enjoyed my article and you all post a COMMENT…

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