American Music Legends Hank Williams Volume 2 by Hank Williams

This album is one of the greatest albums to hit the market. It is good old fashioned music and has a good meaning in every song. Each song has plenty of twang that any country boy would love to hear. Hank Williams has produced so much great over the years and this album definitely lived up to our expectations. Some of the hits on the album include, “I saw the light” and “Hey good looking”. They each have a good tempo and make you want to stand up and dance away whenever they come on. The quality of the songs on this album is very high and is even better than some of his previous albums. However, I do not believe they put very much thought in the order of which they put the songs on. This is the one and only downside to this album, they should have thought that through better. They could have ordered it so the songs had more of an emotional appeal.

In my honest opinion, I would recommend this album to any country music-liking person. It has a good American patriotism in it that surely attracts many. If you don’t like country music I would not recommend it though, it is very much country. The people who will enjoy it the most are rednecks and people who live a very rural life. Most people who do not live this life will not enjoy/appreciate it. I believe it was very well priced also based on the price of an average song on the market up for download today.

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