American Racial Discrimination against Middle Easterners

A paper which discusses how America’s attitude towards Middle Easterners has worsened since September 11.

The paper shows that since September 11, Americans have developed a deeper racist attitude towards anyone who looks Middle Eastern, with more than 1200 people being detained without charge. The paper discusses the issues of Orientalism, stereotyping, discriminatory policies, and the question of Muslim-American’s loyalty to their country.
“The dangerous connection of popular stereotypes and official policy is possibly the greatest anxiety of the Arab and Muslim communities in America. Without concession for a moment the plague of terrorism or security needs of our society, our constituencies have been alarmed by contrasting treatment they have received by government agencies in the name of counter terrorism. In several cases, programs and policies targeting Arab communities in the effort to monitor terrorist activity have them contributed to deepening the association and create negative bias in the community’s eye.

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The scuttle to judgment in Oklahoma City or the anti-Arab backlash when a crisis occurs in the Middle East brings to light the consequence of these associations.”

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