American Revolution: the Colonists

1 January 2018

There are arguments that the American Revolution was a radical movement, meaning that it making economic, political, or social changes of a sweeping or extreme nature, but it was conservative. Conservative means to be in favor of preserving the status quo and traditional values and customs, and against abrupt change.

The colonists went to war with Brittany because they would not change the corrupt monarchy after the British soldiers shot civilians. The change on America was slow and gradual and took time for it to be rid with what need to be changed.The colonists had to pay taxes to the British who needed them to support their army defending British colonies against the French, Spanish and Native Americans. This led to general discontent of the colonists and aroused their desire for independence. All the colonists wanted Was for British not to b in control so the colonist held a town meeting refusing and resigning to buy any imported goods. The British passed the so called Navigational Acts that said that the colonists should trade only with Britain. Sugar Act making colonists pay tax on sugar and Stamp Act putting tax on newspapers and official comments.

American Revolution: the Colonists Essay Example

The 13 colonies wanted to decide on their tax matters and not as it was the Parliament (a famous slogan: no taxation without representation). The Townsend Act taxed only imported goods. On the 5 March 1 770 there was a riot in Boston during which British soldiers shot dead five people’s incident known as Boston Massacre. Another incident, also in Boston known as the Boston Tea Party in which the colonists threw out the tea brought by British ships into the harbor after passing the Tea Act giving a British company the right to sell tea to the colonists.In 1773 the Tea Act was passed. The Tea Act not only put a three penny per pound tax on tea but it also gave the British East India Company a near monopoly because it allowed the company to sell directly to the colonial agents avoiding any middlemen. This was also a leading cause in the war for independence because the colonists first acted out against the Crown.

This infuriated the crown because one of its biggest money makers were going down hill and this was the only source of Income.The changes that the colonists wanted are as listed, 1 – taxation with out presentation 2- freedom from religious oppression A-Free capitalism 4- individual rights 5-individual liberty 6- The right to own property. 7-Separation from a totalitarian state. 8-General enlightenment that men are rational beings and basically good, especially with out big government butting into their lives. 9- The philosophy that men are created equal. Over time these thoughts and other ideas where set in the constitution along with the Bill of Rights, preamble, and The Amendments which were all ratified in 1781.All Of the changes gave power to the people.

Any radical movements at this time were too risky if the colonies wanted to survive. During the war, if there were radical movements could lead to the end of American soldiers. Everything had to be thought out and planed carefully. The goal was to be independent from Brittany. After the war it took several years for all the states to become one great nation. All in all the American Revolution was a conservative movement because wants and needs of the colonists were not to change everything but to change the government. In doing, everything meshed and created something to be proud of.

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