American Sign Language (ASL) vs. Signed English

4 April 2015
Compares origins, techniques, aims, applications & effectiveness of two approaches to education of deaf children.

American Sign Language verses Signed English
American Sign Language began being used in the early 1800s (Bochner & Albertini 14). It is now recognised as a separate language apart from English. The linguistical constraints of ASL are different from those of spoken or signed English. In the 1960s, several groups of professionals were concerned about the academic levels, especially reading levels, of hearing impaired students. In reaction to these low scores, methods of encoding English into sign were begun. ASL, signed English, and spoken English are valid forms of communication. The big question is: Should deaf or hearing impaired children be taught in English or in another language? In the United States children are taught to read and write in English. Deaf children who are primarily ASL..

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