American Values – the American Dream Essay Sample

8 August 2017

1. Write an debut to the subject of the American dream. – The term “American dream” is used in many ways. but it fundamentally is an thought that suggests that anyone in the United States can win through difficult work and has the possible to populate a happy and successful life. Person who manages to accomplish his or her version of the American dream is frequently said to be “living the dream. ” Some people say that the American dream represents the desire to populate a better life than the old coevals did — and that there is a legitimate chance for this to go on. The desire among many parents is for their kids to populate happy lives.

2. Show the text and do a thorough word picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The text is about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Austrian/American histrion. politician and man of affairs who started his calling out as a weight lifter. Turning up in a little. stray small town in Austria. he turned to bodybuilding as a ticket to a better life. After suppressing the universe as perchance the greatest muscle builder who of all time lived. Schwarzenegger moved to the U. S. . which he had dreamed of since he was 10. He moved to the U. S. at the age of 21 old ages old. He loved concern. and where really focussed on doing money. and turning 1 dollar into 1000000s. One of his biggest obstructions in life was his ability to command emotions. He believed in commanding his emotions and non to demo them. to make and suppress a certain end. Arnold says that he love the province of California. He thinks that the province is the perfect combination for him. when it comes to endure. state and ocean. He is besides a great truster of the western doctrine. of remaining hungry. He is. in this term. believing approximately. that if you have a dream you shouldn’t be satisfied when you reach your end. You should put a new end. and seek to make that. You should suppress and travel on.

American Values – the American Dream Essay Sample Essay Example

3. Analyze the stages of his calling. You may desire to happen farther information. As a immature adult male. Schwarzenegger gained widespread attending as a extremely successful muscle builder. He subsequently gained worldwide fame as a Hollywood action movie icon. He is most known for his character in ‘’The Terminator. ’’ He became subsequently on. a well-known political individual in the U. S. . and became the governor of California at the 8th of October 2003 and re-elected the 6th of November 2006. He retired from the place as governor in 2011.

4. In footings of individuality and life manner. what is your feeling of Mr. Schwarzenegger? Arnold had to give a batch. to accomplish what he dreamt of his whole life. He had to conceal his emotions. and cunning people out of his life to go the title-holder several times. Many people called him selfish. but he believed that it was the lone manner to carry through his dreams and ends.

5. To what extent does he incarnate the impression of the American dream? Arnold came from a little. unknown town in Austria. and became one of the biggest personalities in the universe. That is what the American dream is approximately. When you come from nil. and through difficult work become celebrated and good known. You can compare Arnold to Eminem. Eminem started working in a mill. making the same thing for 10 hours. and went place to his train. Eminem came from nil and became really celebrated. merely like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

6. Harmonizing to Mr. Schwarzenegger. how do you maintain on woolgathering the dream? As I mentioned earlier. he thinks that when you reach your end. you should put a new one. If you make a new dream and Hunt it. you keep acquiring the feeling of accomplishing something great. and when you reach that. you set a new end.

7. Finally. compose about your ain “American dream” . your beliefs. values and wants for the hereafter. Many kids say that they want to be aces. but for how many does that woolgather come true? Not many and as we might cognize there are plentifulness of people who haven’t got that dream occupation they ever wanted. That is another side to the American dream. I have had the same dream. Becoming a professional football participant was my dream. but it is possibly an unrealistic dream now. In the hereafter I would wish to hold my ain company. and possibly my ain cabaret in one of the biggest metropoliss in Denmark.

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