America’s Melting Pot

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the idea that America is a home to people of varying origins.

The following paper critically analyzes the concept of ?Melting Pot? which is a term that supposedly defines America as a land of the free and home to all cultures, races, and ancestries. The author makes reference to two journal articles which claim that ?Americanness? is an idea that has always been linked with ?Whiteness? and that ?whiteness? can not exist, without something against which to define itself – ?blackness?.

America’s Melting Pot Essay Example

From the paper:

?But in the 1960s and ’70s, a more inclusive ideology was suggested ?a stew? or ?mixed salad? term was beginning to emerge as the American label. This term recognized that immigrants to America might maintain their distinct cultures, languages and traditions, their ethnicity or ancestry, while at the same time recognizing their ?Americanness.? (Chideya, 1999) While this term equally recognizes the presence of many different cultures, in my opinion, it doesn?t quite articulate the mixture and combing and cultures as it is in America.?

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