Ami’s Icy Creams

10 October 2016

Describe the service organization culture at Amy’s Ice Cream. Amy’s Ice Cream culture is rather laid back. The atmosphere in the parlor is cheery and everyone exhorts a friendly and happy attitude. Amy encourages employee empowerment by allowing the employees to dress as they wish and to interact with customers in a way that is more suitable to their personality. The customers’ attitude is very important to the management as well as the employees so they make sure that customers are always satisfied and receives a high quality consistent product.

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The store service is conducted in a highly autonomous manner and so far it appears to be not only successful but efficient as Amy’s ice cream has been in existence for a number of years. 2. What are the personalities attributes of the employees who are sought by Amy’s Ice Cream? Amy’s Ice cream has a few specific criteria which future employees must fit. These criteria are not however rigid. Employees should possess a personality that is suitable to a service industry that interacts with customers on a daily basis. They must also feel comfortable expressing themselves with confidence and finesse.

One of the most important attributes is the ability to recognize the different types of customers that come into the store and how to deal with them. 3. Design a personnel selection procedure for Amy’s Ice Cream using abstract questioning, a situational vignette, and/or role playing? * Abstract questioning: * Which flavor of Ice Cream best describes your personality? * What kind of customers would you find annoyed? How you would handle it? * What do you know about Ice Cream? * How your past job’s experiences can influence you? *

A situational vignette: * How would you face a situation where a customer faint while being serviced? What would you do if the store is being robbed * What would you do if the customer doesn’t have money? (i. e. forgot his/her wallet) * A customer complaining about a hair in the purchased Ice Cream after it’s finished * Role playing: * A particular customer has the habit of always showing up about two minutes before closing and staying late. Often this occurs on the night when weekly store meeting are held after closing time. This delays starting the meeting and furthermore employees are on the clock waiting for the customer to leave. What would you do?

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