Amish Communication

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the Amish people’s practices and focuses on their unique methods of communication.

The writer first introduces the Amish people, explaining where they are from and what they believe in. The paper then discusses how their religious practices influence their methods of communication – language, tone of voice and modest way of speech. It examines their use of language as punishment too – shunning people by not speaking to them.
The Amish are known as a plain people. This is a description is often given of the modest, traditional dress of Amish men and women. It is also quite applicable to the taciturn style of communication of the Amish as well as to their more famous traditional ways of life and dress. Ostentation in speech in the Amish community is frowned upon with suspicion, even regarded as heretical when done to excess, just as much as innovations in dress and the means of producing the necessities of everyday life.
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