Amy tans

6 June 2017

Amy tans essay BY chikita1915 The article “My Mother’s English” by Amy Tan is mainly about the author’s thoughts and Judgments on her mother broken English in comparison to “Standard English”. Tan is a fictional writer who is “fascinated by language in daily life” (Tan 1) and uses language as everyday part of her work as a writer. Tan’s point in this article is to prove that even if her mother is speaking English!

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Others should not use that to judge your intelligence. Tan’s mother did not speak perfect English, but the points nd ideas she was trying to get across are what really were important. Tan observes some in paragraph two and three experiences that made her realize the different types of “Englishes” she uses. Tan illustrates this to her audience by giving examples of the struggles her mother was faced with due to her English.

Tan examines the different versions of English people use for example Tan giving the example of letting her mother explain the story “about the political gangster who had the same last name as [Amy Tan’s mother]” which Tan explains the percent of how many people ere able to understand her mother’s English and who could not, in order to make the reader realize that English takes many different forms which leads to difficulty and conclusion to those who are attempting to learn and speak the language like her mother.

This essay is directed towards those who do not have an understanding of the variations of languages and the complications that come along with trying to learn a new language like English. Although, this relates to me because English is my second language and Spanish is my native language, Tan gives us some main ideas n the article that are Just related to my daily life: treat everyone with respect, the power of language, and how children are influence by their parents, English. She emphasizes these ideas to mainly agree with her because now in these days many people are trying to learn and speak English.

Sometimes most of us make mistakes by speak broken English. Matter or fact there is no one in this world uses the perfect grammar of English. I know this because since Middle School through high School all my English teachers said that no one would use proper grammar of English. Amy tan is suggesting her readers in this article that Just because some cannot speak the English language to perfection that does not make them less intelligent than someone who is born in this country and understands and speaks English fluently.

Which she leads us to the major themes in her article, are those of identity, memory, and heritage of different Englishes. She writes about her feelings towards her mother’s English, how she felt “ashamed” (6) and how she grew up with it. Tan developed her English much better, even though she was able to speak “the language f intimacy’ (3) at home with her family and Standard English with the outside world.

This experiences resonate with me because my Mom does not speak English very well and people from the stores, restaurants, and friends of her will make fun of her and she decided to give up but in real life she is really smart. Our English at home is differently than going to the outside world and talking to doctor’s office or well educated people. I have helped my mother to improve her knowledge of English because thanks to her I learn English very well because I went to an Elementary

School where everyone speaks English all day long from that I force my self on to take me serious, and I help my mom to improve her English because I will never be “ashamed” (6) of my mother because I love her and I know she will speak it sooner or later not like at first Amy Tan though of her mother’s English. I recommend this article to those whose English is their second language because Amy Tan provides a brilliant point. Her main point in this article is that we must respect and not Judge persons who speak different Englishes.

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