Amy’s Journey With the Lord

3 March 2019

If I had to pick an influential person in my life it would be my 21 year old sister, Amy. She is a huge influence on me because of what she represented and shared with others. Amy represented hope in the Lord and morals that only few people carried. She knew the real meaning of living life to the fullest through Christ.

On September of 2010, abdominal cancer became apart of Amyโ€™s journey. She always sought out the best in things despite the reality of what was taking over her body. Amy would state without doubt โ€œGod has a purpose and role for everyone in this world, and your life should be spent fulfilling your mission to praise him.โ€ She is my inspiration because of what she taught people in the short amount of time she had on earth. Amy knew that God had a mission for her. My family and I stood beside her every move and supported her through thick and thin.

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God had impressed upon Amy to testify of what the Lord had done in Amy’s life. Amy gladly accepted the challenge of fulfilling her last mission on the earth. Amy was an incredible woman, everything she stood by was in the Lords name.

As time moved forward Amyโ€™s faith was unmoved. She believed God would use her lifes trials to minister to others. While in the hospital Amy would find ways to give God glory. After two years of struggling with cancer, Amy received the good news, the cancer was in remission. She had overcoming cancer and beat the odds. Amy was soon cleared to go home. The burden our family had endured was slowly being lifted, and everything appeared to be getting better for Amy.

Amy had been asked by the church Pastor to give her testimony to the church. Amy was excited about getting to share what God had done and was doing in her life, but she was also nervous about speaking. Amy was confident in what the Lord laid on her heart to share with others. As church service began, Pastor askedAmy up to the pulpit and the congregation began to clap.Amy appeared to be anxious as she held her notes and folding them repeatedly. When she began to speak, it was evident the Holy Spirit was was guiding her. The congregation stood still as she gave testimony of what God had done in her life. Amy shared how through her diagnosis of Cancer she was able to minister to others. The most influential part of her speech was when she described how God is inside each and every person there. She challenged everyone to find their own journey and through praise and worship fulfill the journey God has for each one of them. She reminded us of how God is always with us, and Miracles happen when we allow the Holy Spirit to move through us. Furthermore, โ€œGod will always be constant and he will always be there,โ€The way she described it will always stick with me.

A few days later, Amy started to get sick again. Cancer was overcoming her body again, this time it was different, it seemed worse than times before. On the 22nd day of April, the Lord called Amy to join the angels up above. She left big footprints to follow, and I tell myself everyday I will live for God and commit to him. Amy would have wanted that.

Amy, to this day, is the most influential person in my life. She left tracks that led to unimaginable places. She represent things that no one can wrap their head around or even comprehend. She is the person I look up to every single day, and no one will ever change that. Amy lived life to the fullest for the Lord.

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