6 June 2019

Life is full of wonders, frustrations, disappointments, pains, heartaches and depressions. No one never dreamed of experiencing pain caused by lies, deception, betrayal, mistrust and complications. Life has to be enjoyed, love must be shared but in doing so, you have to do a lot of sacrifices especially in love.

My cousins used to tell me not to enter into a relationships unless I have proven myself and that I should focus on my studies first. So, I come to realize that somehow his words were true. What would happen if I engaged in that kind of situation? Will I still be free? Will I still mingle with my friends? Will I still need my parent’s advice? Come to think of it?

As a part of the world’s modernization the youth of today also grows in the essence of itself. Technology is one solid evidence of the world’s progress. I t is a way of living an advance knowledge of the near future but also one way of forgetting our elder’s used to tradition and beliefs. The tradition of having a serious relationship of elder’s come up at the age of 20 for the girls, and 21 for the boys.But as modernization comes up, teens already engage in a serious affairs. We usually call it, An Amateur Love.

I have friends, even classmates who already have boyfriends and girlfriends. At first they were very happy but as the days passed by, I found out that they broke up easily because they could not control their emotions. They are immature, insensitive and they can easily find a replacement or a rebound. And so I asked myself, what goodness would it give me if I involve into a relationship? I believe that love is given freely to a person who deserves me, a person who is willing to wait because I know God has prepared somebody out there that’s truly right for me. As of of this time I think I should focus my attention to my studies first and my goal is to make my parents proud my achievements as what my aunt once said;studies plus determination equals success. And for that Amateur Love of course will just pass by ,,.

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