An Analysis of Fishering by Brian Doyle

5 May 2017

Fishering Analysis In the non-fictional essay “Fishering” by Brian Doyle, the writer goes into great detail explaining one of the most feared animals the wolverine. In this short essay the author Brian Doyle explains the significant importance that the wolverine plays in the role of the wild, two important populations in Oregon where you might find a fisher (wolverine), along with walking around in the wild looking for nothing particular.

In this paper I will examine the writer’s key features such as the writer’s thesis along with sustaining details and overall structure of the essay. The short story “Fishering” is a very well structured essay explaining key points in each of the three paragraphs. In the first paragraph the author explains how the wolverine is one of the most feared animals in the wild. The second paragraph contains information about two significant locations including the Siskiyou Mountains and the Cascade Mountains where there has been no fishers for over 50 years.

An Analysis of Fishering by Brian Doyle Essay Example

The last paragraph contains the information about what the author looks for when he has been wandering around the woods but tells us about the special things that he has seen. One of the first things that I noticed when reading the short story was how well the author described the wolverine. In one of the author’s sentences the author describes the wolverine as “an extraordinary athlete of the thick woods and snowfields, but as bearer of a coat so dense and lustrous that it has been sought out agerly by trappers for thousands of years (pg. )”. It’s very clear to understand the authors thesis which is wondering where fishers can be found. This was a very interesting short story that provides a very detailed description to get his point across in such a short story. The author seems very intent in finding a fisher, but I’m not so sure that is the best idea but the short story was fun to read and it was very interesting to find out that a wolverine is also called a fisher.

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