An Analysis of Good Country People by Flannery O’Connor Essay Sample

10 October 2017

First. see Flannery’s subject “redemption through catastrophe” In merely a few words. portion your ideas on why Joy-Hulga is or is non in demand of salvation? See what was she like before her brush with Manley Pointer? Has she changed? Before her brush with Manley Pointer. Hulga idea of herself as more rational than everyone around her. She wasn’t spiritual ; she didn’t believe in God. She was a smart miss with a PhD and an atheist attitude. This changes when Manley Pointer ( I conjecture ) about rapes her. but doesn’t and merely takes her leg and leaves her in the barn. I guess at this point she started to desire to believe that there is a God who saved her. This incident likely restored her religion in faith after this.

Second. remark on the statement “… there is a wooden portion of her psyche that corresponds to her wooden leg” ( qtd. in text. 234 ) . Let’s drama “find the symbols. ” If Joy-Hulga’s wooden leg is symbolic of something in her psyche. how do you construe the scene in the barn with Manley Pointer. the Bible salesman I think the scene in the barn represented evil itself. When Hulga was in the barn with Manley Pointer. he ended up scoring her and doing her return off her leg to demo that she loved him. Then he ended up stealing her leg and abandoning her at that place. I think this could typify the action of immorality that made Hulga recognize God’s grace and clemency.

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