An Analysis of Nintendo

4 April 2015
An analysis of the reasons behind the success of the Japanese electronic gaming company, Nintendo Corp.

The paper shows that due to its distinct style of management and its focus on a quality rather than quantity policy, Nintendo is a forerunner in the American gaming entertainment industry. The paper gives an overview of Nintendo’s available games and shows that if the company wishes to continue to dominate the U.S. market, it should move on to fresher ideas and broaden its demographic market.
Because Nintendo marginalizes risks by re-making classics it loses its cutting-edge leaving itself vulnerable to competitors. Competitors are then able to present their flashy new games, which Nintendo then emulates the following year. One of Nintendo’s strongest selling points could be camera manipulation. However, due to poor design it leaves the gamer wanting. When playing a game, the angles are never quite right leaving the player frustrated. With better camera design, Nintendo could enhance the gaming experience edging out the competition. Another shortcoming on Nintendo’s part was the lack of vision in seeing the potential competitive threat of the Xbox and PS2’s integration of DVD players, and online capabilities into their systems.

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