An Analysis on a Mcdonalds Advertisement

Analysis on the McDonalds advertisement We have recently been studying the McDonalds advertisement where they have stated that they are helping Aussie families and the future sports stars of tomorrow. They tell us that they are hand in hand with Australian families, but they only say that because they want more families to go to their local McDonalds store. But are they really helping the sports stars. Yes of course they are but they aren’t really helping out as much as they say.

Yeah they do sponsor teams but really I am sure that they only do it for the advertisement on the jerseys. Did you notice that after most sports game most coaches have a McDonalds voucher to give out. That is another way how McDonalds thinks that they are helping young sports stars; by giving these vouchers out they are encouraging the young participants but they are also showing them the way to unhealthy food.

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This makes them work harder just so they can get McDonalds.

They use informal and colloquial language to persuade people of various communities to go and buy this unhealthy food so they can support their sons/daughters/relatives or really anyone that is participating in sport, so that they can support their dreams and their goals for their future goals. Also because they want to make sure that these kids can have a proper life, not one that is totally messed up because no one was there to help them reach their dreams and goals. They believe that they are giving something back to the community by helping the young stars of tomorrow.

They figure that by helping people think that they are doing the right thing but really they are leading the children down the path of unhealthy food which may end up leading to being obese or even having diabetes which isn’t a good life for anyone. I am sure that you wouldn’t want to be a young adult with diabetes, obese or have a serious heart condition. I am sure that the answer to that is no. I think that the McDonalds advertisement team should really think about what they are leading people to before they publish any real advertisement in the future.

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