An Archaic World of Politics Impacted by the Modern Technology

“Politicians used to put out leaflets with pictures of their family and pet dog and copies of their lousy speeches and it would be enough. Unfortunately many politicians now just create a web site with pictures of their family and pet dog and their lousy speeches but it is not good enough,” (Stephen Coleman, Oxford Internet Institute) The impact of technology in our modern world is inevitable we are living and era of change were ancient ideologies are left on the past and we open our minds to innovation. The influence of technology has facilitated our lives in many ways but has also made human kind lazy which, has ended up with that desire of actually preforming things in our own rather than relaying in technology. Going back to Stephan Coleman?s phrase Politics is an archaic concept and a way of ruling since humanity was civilized. However, once you are a public figure in the twenty first century you have to be aware that your private life is not private any more and that even pictures of your family are exposed to the world. You are judged in every step you take and comparisons are not only with those who were in power before you but with politicians around the world. In many aspects the impact of technology may be threatening for most politicians since dark secrets and even some private events are shown world widely. Some might state that this is to enforce a transparent government however everyone has the right of privacy. With this been said we have to also focus in positive aspects of technology. Elections are fraud free and conflicts such as the ones occurring in Crimea and Venezuela become viral in less than a day. Becoming viral that is also a new concept that young adults know it by heart but our parents and grandparents find it in some sense threatening and they are right since everything is accessible to everyone does the concept of privacy still exists or it has diapered?

Referring back to the concept of privacy to create a transparent government. These sounds as a perfect ideology transparency in a government are fundamental for a society. However, referring to the privacy of each person they should take in account that people have the right of privacy and this should be respected. If technology gives the chance to look deeper in to a person’s privacy then it represents a bad use of technology because technology should be a tool not a threat for people. Even though some people will argue that any people in the government should not have secrets and be completely transparent this however could be subjective. For example president Lula Da Silva in Brazil he was one of the best presidents that Brazil had and was actually improving the situation in the favelas however his brother did some illicit work and he was sectioned in the government for actions that were not preformed by him. In those cases should technology be the responsible for the destitution of such a good president in those cases technology should not have such an influence.

Referring back to the ideas previously stated on this essay I believe that using technology, as a tool is a fundamental for politics now at days. We have to consider a modern world the time frame in which we are living and having the capacity to acquire news in such a short period of time should be looked as a fantastic opportunity. However as everything in life we should not take advantage and use technology in a negative aspect. Politics is thin ground to step on and anything you say could be a miss interpretation or a misunderstanding because most of the people you are treating with are opponents not people that want to see you succeed. Technology is obviously affecting the modern world however it is a threatening path to follow since most people don’t realize but is taking over some duties that require human intellect. Although technology is affecting our world in a positive side let’s make sure that important duties and information do not fall in the wrong hands.

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